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Neurolanguage Coaching: Brain Friendly Language Learning

ISBN: 978-1-910864-94-1

“It seems every day an exciting new discovery is made about the human brain. Neurolanguage Coaching® is a model that brings together crucial findings in the fields of neuroscience and integrates these into a coaching process to revolutionise language learning as we know it.

This is a book for language teachers, educators, language learners, polyglots, coaches interested in languages and anyone who is interested to discover more about their own brain.”

Brain Friendly Grammar: Neurolanguage Coaching

ISBN: 978-1-4715-8417-6

“Brain Friendly Grammar enlightens language educators as to why learning grammar has been so dry and unstimulating in the past. Next, it distils neuroscience into a simple spoken coaching conversation that harnesses the ideal conditions for absorbing and retaining information. In this way, grammar is discussed and explored with the learner in a quiet brain friendly conversation.

This book is not a traditional grammar book and is probably very different to any other grammar book that you have read. It is really intended for language educators who already have knowledge of grammar or even for polyglots or language specialists who also have a very good grasp of the mechanical side of language.”