The "flow state" writing my book - an experience never to be forgotten!

The "flow state" writing my book - an experience never to be forgotten!

24th May 2019 by Rachel Paling

Yesterday, I received an email from Maria in Argentina and I’m extremely grateful to her for sending me feedback about my book. She wrote “it is amazing. I started reading it and I find great concepts and content.”

And I have to say over the last year I am so grateful to receive such wonderful feedback relating to my book and may I add that I never cease being surprised! In fact, every time I get positive feedback, it reminds me of what I went through when I wrote the book. At the beginning of the summer of 2016, I was determined to write the book.

I was extremely busy at that time, most days working 14 hour days, but still I was determined that somehow I was going to get that book written. Somebody gave me the tip relating to dictation software, so I purchased it. The next step I took was to clear a full seven-day week towards the end of August, blocking my diary and setting the clear intention that in that week I would write and complete the book. I told my friends and family what I would like to do and most of them looked at me in disbelief, half listening even sceptical and in addition, it was a miserable German summer, June and July I remember, were particularly awful weather months that year. At last, my designated week arrived and suddenly the weather changed, the summer came and the heat began, it was glorious.

I started the process of dictating the book and the book flowed from my spoken voice, which I then had to check and correct constantly as I was going. Interestingly, at a later date, I asked for some feedback from my big brother about the book and his first comment was “it really read just like you speak” 🙂 – yes it does, because that’s exactly how the book came alive. Now coming back to that week in August, I clearly remember drifting into some strange brain state and for those who have done my courses or for those who have been on my webinars, you will know that I am fascinated by brainwaves and in particular by alpha and theta brainwaves, which are the relaxed, meditative brain states where creativity and the flow state are harnessed. I can only describe my brain state that week as being “in some sort of creative flow”. Every single moment of those days I was streaming with book thoughts and even when I took brain breaks – I went for walks in the forest, I sunbathed, I researched, I visited the open-air swimming pool – still each and every moment when I was not talking and dictating and I was not correcting and writing, my brain was constantly in the book asking myself “what have I just been writing, where am I going next, what is the message I want to bring across, do I need to change anything,”.

It was as if suddenly the book and my brain had become a constant, unified creation. It was a wonderful week and on day seven, the book was complete. The first draft had been written. My friends and family were amazed and if I’m honest, even I was amazed. However, nothing had prepared me for the next steps of the process – the elation of finishing the draft, slipped into seven months of writer’s hell, with incessant questions, insecurity to really publish, constant amendments and corrections and the fear to really leap and launch this book. Luckily, I was supported by the most amazing publisher who provided me with a phenomenal proofreader and I am eternally grateful to her for pummelling and massaging the book together with me into that final version that you are all receiving today. I will never forget her emails full of suggested amendments, which always started with “now Rachel go and make yourself a nice cup of tea and then sit yourself down……….”.

Finally in March 2017, the book became publicly available and I’m extremely grateful to all of you who have purchased the printed version or the Kindle version and grateful for all the positive feedback that I have received. It certainly was an impacting experience for me and it is now fascinating to look back on that flow state week and to really recognise and try to understand how each and every one of us can harness and promote creativity, pushing the brain into states and achievement that we ourselves do not believe that we are capable of. As I have written in the introduction of this book, “I do hope to inspire you to initiate a deeper comprehension of how your own brain works to then transmit this information to your learner, giving you more insight into how to continually encourage, motivate and empower him or her” and I do hope that with this blog I can inspire you all to tap into your unique creativity and find your own personal flow state to create and produce any work that you put your heart into and want to see produced, made, published, or simply put into form and brought into life.

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