So what makes Neurolanguage Coaching a brain friendly process?

So what makes Neurolanguage Coaching a brain friendly process?

11 August 2017 by Rachel Paling

One of the most frequent questions about Neurolanguage Coaching® is “what makes it a brain friendly process?”


And all teachers who train with me to become Neurolanguage Coaches take the journey through the brain to really understand step by step and in a simplified way, how the brain makes neural connections, about neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, how the brain likes to learn and how we create those long term-memories, the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious and the different parts of the brain, in particular the emotional brain and the limbic system. The more we understand about our own brains, the more we are able to assist others to understand theirs.

A few weeks ago, in one of my refresher sessions, we brainstormed as a group all the aspects that we bring into Neurolanguage Coaching which really reflect that brain friendly style that we continuously strive to deliver.

Many thanks to Jacob, Margherita, Jessie and Robert for brainstorming this with me.

  • Learner-centric process
  • Non-directive style
  • Non-threatening – keeps emotional brain calm
  • Empathetic connection
  • Provoking positive emotions
  • Finding out how the learner learns best
  • Connects language learning to real life
  • Connects the learning to personal situations
  • Chunking down
  • Understanding each brain is unique – no one fit for all
  • Provoking constant brain connections/triggering language connections
  • Providing safe learning environment
  • Spacing tecniques for learning
  • We inform about the brain so coachee can understand self better
  • Goals and actions get the coachee more focused
  • Setting own goals and actions brings ownership of the learning
  • Discovering real motivation as the vision for learning
  • Maintaining commitment as a coach
  • Positive feedback ensures right brain chemistry
  • Awareness of limbic triggers and ability to coach around these at any time
  • No questions that arouse defense mechanisms
  • Right focus and attention ensures reinforcing of neural networks
  • Pushing learner into flow to encourage performing brain
  • Knowledge of social pain increases our empathy
  • We bring certainty to language learning
  • Coaching conversations that keep the brain in calm learning state
  • Grammar delivered through calm step by step coaching conversations
  • We help the learner to get language “normalised” by the brain and accepted as a “habit”
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