Neurolanguage Coaching® for Business - How Can We Help You?

Neurolanguage Coaching® for Business - How Can We Help You?

31 May 2017 by Rachel Paling

More clarity in the market

Nowadays when it comes to language training in companies, there appears to be great confusion. Companies receive offers from all levels of teaching, training, coaching and it is difficult for them to distinguish what is being offered and what is the quality and effectiveness of the offer.

Most companies due to cost-cutting programs are accepting the cheapest offers without realizing that in fact the cheapest may in fact be the most expensive in the long run, due to the inefficiency in the learning process.

Language teaching ranges from teachers with no qualifications; people with language teaching qualifications and teachers with specialized qualifications like ESP or business orientated specializations.

In addition, nowadays there are language coaches, who may or may not have a coaching qualification and may or may not have a teaching qualification and may or may not have years of experience as a language teacher. The question is whether a company is actually checking the experience, quality and qualifications of the teaching offer.

Neurolanguage Coaches

And now, over the last two years, there are accredited and certified neurolanguage coaches. The first in the world. These are language teachers with qualifications or with 2-5 years or more proven teaching experience, that have undertaken coaching training and in addition training regarding the latest neuroscience of learning and how this applies to the language learning process.

These are trained to become “par excellence” transferors of language knowledge to their coachee, with the understanding that all brains are different and no two brains are the same. They have developed empathy and presence as a coach and transmit the language learning in such a way as to engage the “performing brain” and move the learner away from the “thinking brain”. They are the new “neuroeducators” of language, who know exactly how to apply the neuroscientific findings of today into the learning process. They have a definite structure for the coaching engagement which is adjusted, adapted and tailor-made to the coachee, slowing the coachee to take ownership and commit to the process.


As the Neurolanguage Coaching process is potentially much more efficient than the traditional way of conveying languages, the process itself could end up costing less than the cheapest of offers. This is because the NLC process actually means that the learner learns faster, learns in a spiral progressive manner and also becomes aware him/herself exactly how he/she learns the language better, thus potentially shortening the learning process and actually hardwiring the learning so that it is more sustainable.

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