The Neurolanguage Coaching® Learning Spiral – PROGRESS Model®

The Neurolanguage Coaching® Learning Spiral – PROGRESS Model®

15th September 2015, by Rachel Paling

Have you noticed how the spiral is omnipresent in our lives? Galaxies, DNA, geometry, the golden ratio, the Fibonacci, shells, tornados to name just a few.

With Neurolanguage Coaching™ we are also introducing a learning spiral. The whole process is orientated around cycles, but cycles that start from one point, go round but then move forward to a point in front. So, in fact to be more explicit, the process involves initiating from a diagnostics which leads to a goal setting process. The goals are set by the coachee and then a realistic time period in which to achieve those goals is also determined. Then the learning process begins.

The goals are worked on during that given time period and once this period comes to an end a goal review is held to check on the coachee´s progress. If the coachee feels that the goals have been reached then new goals are then set and the whole process continues again and so on and so on. In fact, the process reflects the movement of a spiral, as the coachee never comes back to the same point if the goals have been achieved, he /she will always come to a point further down the line.

If the goals have not been achieved then the movement forward is less but nevertheless there is a movement forward, there is always some advancement. And in this way “spiral learning” takes place. This is reaffirmed by the PROGRESS model ® which explains clearly this spiral learning process and which is taught to all Neurolanguage coaches, so that they fully understand the nature and structure of Neurolanguage coaching engagements.

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