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English and Spanish Languages ~ Specialisation in Legal English

Do you want to learn English or Spanish?

Do you want to learn quickly?

Do you want to maximise the learning process?

Get ready to turbo charge your language learning…

No matter what level you are at right now, I’m ready to help you fast track into a new language. If you are a native English speaker who wants to learn Spanish or a native Spanish speaker who wants to learn English, my packages are designed to springboard you into your target language.

With beginners, the Neurolanguage Coaching method will help you get more into the language and correct any issues. For advanced speakers, the method helps tp get you even deeper into the language and get you into a native signature of the language.

Flexible and tailor-made solutions for optimised language learning…

Language coaching programs can be tailor-made to any business or area of expertise for individuals or groups. Sessions are also available as highly interactive live online sessions.

Specialised Language Learning…

  • Legal English: analysis of legal terms, contracts and all legal topics
  • Accounting, Auditing and Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Management and Leadership
  • Secretarial
  • Sector specific coaching in particular energy, telecommunications, IT, medical
  • Delivering speeches and giving presentations in public
  • Business communication
  • How to negotiate
  • Dealing with correspondence, letter/writing, emails, memos and reports

Efficient, cost effective language learning…

  • Helping clients to learn faster and more effectively by using the Neurolanguage Coaching® method
  • Efficient and powerful goal setting process
  • Course tailored and created around the needs of the client
  • Structured process where client and coach create own learning materials
  • Step by step learning and consolidation process with coaching-style conversations
  • Noticeable improvement leads to more inspiration and motivation to improve further
  • Deeper understanding of the grammar and the language
  • Absolute awareness of mistakes as well as development of the ability to self-correct
  • More awareness as to how the brain learns and how the learner him/herself learns best

Neurolanguage Coaching Package

10 sessions of 60 mins with Rachel

Included in the package:

  • Free live online language diagnostics to find out level, strengths and weaknesses in the language (40 mins)
  • Free design of roadmap to develop and increase language level as quickly as possible
  • Free 1 hour coaching around learning blocks and emotional triggers, identifying individual learning strategies (30 mins)
  • Mechanical goal analysis and setting (grammar focus)
  • Mastery goal analysis and setting (functional use focus)
  • Weekly phone call check in for accountability
  • Goal review session

Hourly rate is £95.00 per hour

Package of 10 sessions with a15% discount – hourly rate £ 80.75

Total package £807.50

Learn English and Learn Spanish

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