How Neurolanguage Coaching® Was Born

How Neurolanguage Coaching® Was Born

15th September 2015, by Rachel Paling

When I first arrived in Germany 12 years ago this month, I arrived to work with a language school to do “language coaching”. It was the first time I had heard about language coaching and when I asked what it was, the owner said “follow the client, adapt yourself and see what he needs” and that was it.

No, other explanation! Well, this raised questions in my mind, as you can imagine! At the same time as I was offered the job in Germany, I was also offered a visiting lecturer position at the University of Verona Law Faculty teaching Legal English. So you can imagine, split between Germany and Italy for a span of 7 years and split between teaching adults in one to one or small groups in business and legal English through “language coaching” and teaching university students in masses. The questions in me continued and I decided in those years to additionally take on my own extra personal development in coaching.

I learnt to be a coach through Results Coaching System, Dr David Rock’s method of brain-based coaching and little by little it became clear to me that “language coaching” indeed has to be more than just “following the client”!

Little by little the crystallisation of the Neurolanguage Coaching™ approach and method developed and with it the Certification as such, available for language teachers worldwide. The whole method and approach is about embracing the principles, models and tools as well as the ethics and competences from the coaching world, together with the structure and management of coaching engagements. But the added dimension to the Neurolanguage Coaching™ approach is the neuroscience of learning that we, as Neurolanguage Coaches, have learnt and are able to transmit to our coachees, who are our learners. And the beauty of this approach is that it is a framework that can adapt to any language, not only English.

With this new Neurolanguage Coaching™ certification we are now approaching our 100th Neurolanguage Coach in the world and as such wish to distinguish ourselves for our language expertise, our coaching training and our title as neuroeducators.

These accredited and certified Neurolanguage coaches® are the first in the world. They are language teachers with teaching qualifications or with 5 years or more proven teaching experience, that have undertaken coaching training and in addition training regarding the latest neuroscience of learning and how this applies to the language learning process. They are trained to become “par excellence” transferors of language knowledge to their coachee, with the understanding that all brains are different and no two brains are the same.

They have developed empathy and presence as a coach and transmit the language learning in such a way as to engage the “performing brain” and move the learner away from the “thinking brain”. They are the new “neuroeducators” of language, who know exactly how to apply the neuroscientific findings of today into the learning process. They have a definite structure for the coaching engagement which is adjusted, adapted and tailor-made to the coachee, allowing the coachee to take ownership and commit to the process.

Cost-Effectiveness of Neurolanguage Coaching®

As the Neurolanguage Coaching™ process is much more efficient than the traditional way of conveying languages, the process itself costs less than the language teaching of normal language schools. This is because the NLC process actually means that the learner learns faster; learns in a spiral progressive manner and also becomes aware him/herself exactly how he/she learns the language better, thus shortening the learning process and actually hardwiring the learning so that it is more sustainable.

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