Coach Your Brain Day 1 - Judgement

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3 thoughts on “Coach Your Brain Day 1”

  1. Dealing with judgment from other people can be tough, especially when it’s coming from a friend, family member, or colleague. Judgmental people are unavoidable, but you can easily cope with their criticism using positivity and compassion. You may even change someone’s mind in the process or stop them from making judgments about you in the future! The tips below will show you the best ways to respond when someone judges.How to Respond when Someone Judges You
    Detach yourself from the judgment.
    Be compassionate.
    Ask for clarification.
    Set boundaries in the conversation.
    Use “I” statements to assert yourself.
    Calm down and respond rationally.
    Change the topic.
    Look for the positives in the situation.
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  2. I loved the way you boxed, Rachel, your movements were so well planned, you were so aware, great job!!! I know it’s never too late / too early to make changes 🙂


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